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1  Motelmate / MotelMate discussions / Re: IE9 - Potentially better Grid printing and the end of "white screening". on: December 26, 2011, 09:28:37 pm

I tried this fix after installing MM on a new computer. we are using IE9 and the grid was not showing at all.

After attempting the fix (great instructions by the way) I closed MM and upon reopening it found that Google Chrome Frame attempted to installed. I let this run then had to close MM again.

When I reopened it again - Bingo. Grid showing up as normal.

2  Motelmate / MotelMate discussions / Re: Group booking deposits on: November 17, 2011, 02:20:49 am
Yeah I was really looking to add a specifc amount et $200, sometimes if the quote is an odd number it can be hard to calculate it to be exactly $200 or whatever the requested deposit amount is

3  Motelmate / MotelMate discussions / Re: Invoice - email format on: November 17, 2011, 02:19:00 am
Has there been any progress with this. My version is still saving as WMF. I know how to convert it to PDF, but its time consuming and I think there must be a quicker way.

Also I don't like it how it saves a file to the desktop (this is not a good way to save any file). I don't mind a file being saved but it would be better if we could specify the location and the naming convention.
4  Motelmate / MotelMate discussions / Re: Bugs in group bookings on: October 27, 2011, 09:09:25 pm
It might also be useful for me to add that I am using the child rates option, perhaps this has an effect?

5  Motelmate / MotelMate discussions / Group booking deposits on: October 27, 2011, 08:17:06 pm
Is there some way to specify the group booking deposit as a specific amount rather than a percentage?
Also is there some way to change the deposit amount after the booking has been created?

6  Motelmate / MotelMate discussions / Re: Confirmation Status on: October 27, 2011, 08:12:27 pm
Hi All,
Barbarian, I agree that there are circumstances (such as keeping CC info) whereby a booking may need to be confirmed manually based on the users discretion, I completely agree with Grant that once a deposit is recorded then the booking MUST be marked as confirmed. There should be no confusion here at all. Deposit recieved = booking confirmed. There can be only one way to reduce the human error on this scenario and that is to make it an automated task.

Can anyone be devils advocate here and think of a time when a deposit is recieved but the booking should not be considered confirmed?

7  Motelmate / MotelMate discussions / Bugs in group bookings on: October 27, 2011, 03:23:44 am
Couple of things that I have noticed are not working correctly

Group bookings extra persons rate is not being carried over to the actual booking

Bug is not letting set extra person values from the group booking screen be carried over to the actual booking

When a group booking is made the incorrect (default) rate is applied

Desired Result
Change so that the group booking rate specified by the user at the time of the room selection is applied

Group booking quote does not update the based on figure   

Based on figures are not updating when a quote is edited. I see that other figures such a extra’s rates and Room Rate does update.

Change required
• Change the system so that all figures in the group booking quote are pulled through
• Check that all other quotes & reports bring across the edited figures
8  Motelmate / MotelMate discussions / Re: Group Bookings on: October 27, 2011, 03:21:26 am
Hi Patrick,

I understand that you can add to a booking using the booking ref but we really need more functionality than that. I have put together this description that might help you understand the issue.

I'd love to hear others feedback on the solution

Need for Group bookings management screen

Group bookings are seen by motel mate as singlular bookings even though as it is a group booking the details are all likely to be the same.

This has an undesired effect when trying to edit or correct anything to do with a group booking. Imagine a school camp which might have 100 guests over 25 different rooms. In this case changing a single thing can become a monotonous task eg changing the extra person rate or perhaps adding multiple rooms, or even adding the source of booking & reason for travel fields.
c.   Change required
Users need to be able to edit and add to group bookings easily and effectively without having to open each booking.  The following is required:
• Any field available in the booking screen should be available to be edited as one for the entire booking eg
 o Rates
 o Extra person rates
 o Rate based on
 o No of guests per room
 o Guest ref
 o Edit booking dates
• The deposit amount should be editable
• Additional rooms should be able to be added & removed if need be without cancelling or recreating the entire booking
I suggest that this is done in the following manner:
• When a user double clicks (or right clicks and chooses Edit) a room of a group booking then a prompt message asks them to choose if they would like to edit the entire booking or just that one.
 o If they choose the group booking then the group booking screen appears
 o if not then they should be able to edit just one room data
• If a user chooses to add a room to the booking then they should be taken to the group booking selection screen
• If a user chooses to delete a room booking then they should be prompted with a message that reads something like: “You have chosen to delete a room that is part of a group booking, would you like to delete just the one room or the entire booking”
• If a group booking already holds data that is different for a single room booking & a user tries to make a global edit then the user is prompted with a message that reads something like:
“you are about to make a global change to this group booking. If there is unique information stored in one of the room bookings about a particular guest then this will be over written, do you want to continue”
• If a user clicks on Group bookings from the home page then they should be asked if they would like to create a new quote or edit an existing booking. Action should be as is for the quote. If they would like to edit an existing booking then a search screen should appear whereby they can search the name/date etc of the booking. Your usual search screen could be reused here.

Desired Result
Able to easily add to or edit a group booking
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